**  Recipients of the College Scholarship Fund  **

The following Tri-Valley High School students have received a $500 college scholarship from the Jay Tennessen Memorial Foundation.  To apply for this scholarship students must complete an application, write a 1 page essay on courage and life sacrifice, and have 3 references (1 from a Pastor/Priest, 1 from a community leader and 1 personal reference of their choice.)  After reading the students' essays, the winners are determined by board members of the foundation.  Donations to the foundation help these young people further their education and improve their quality of life.

Matt Rollag

Ashley Sehr

Brian Van Heerde

Travis Fritz

Brandi Burgers

Allison Hoffman

Congratulations students!  Recipients often continue Jay's legacy by competing in events held by the Memorial Foundation.  Best of luck to those students wishing to become the next scholarship winner!

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